Pride Socks

Pride Socks was founded in Austin, Texas. 

From a childhood obsession, founder Rachel created these old school tube socks that would celebrate the uniqueness of people as well as capture a sense of pride. Harvesting the natural power people have within themselves, Pride Socks not only is a throw back to the past but a visual reminder of opportunities that wait in the future.

At Pride Socks, they believe when people are proud of who they are, where they are and what they do in life, they can and will accomplish their dreams. 

"Anyone can sell socks, but we sell socks that spread love, pride, respect and inclusion. No gesture is too small to change the world, and we want to change the world from the feet up. 
When you feel that sense of pride in who you are, we've all succeeded. "

Pride Socks
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Magic - non slip - socks
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