Dear Sophie

DEAR SOPHIE was created for kids. All of them! Baby girls and baby boys, newborns, toddlers, those who are loud and shy, with or without hair storm. Because no matter the difference - all kids are little explorers.  

It's all clear to us - we understand it like no other. DEAR SOPHIE are us, parents, who know how important it is for a baby to feel well and comfy every day; so that nothing disturbs their world exploring.

However, DEAR SOPHIE are also talented Graphic Designers and the Fashion Designer who believe that minimalism - like nothing else - lets babies develop their imagination. That minimalism - simple forms, neutral colour pallet, original prints - is key of our designs. On top of that - the highest quality of cotton as well as nature inspirations and a full image of our brand is created. DEAR SOPHIE is 100% made in Poland: we create, design and implement our projects in local sewing factories, following "fair trade" philosophy.

Dear Sophie
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narwhal yellow - bloomer
€8,40 €21,00
narwhal - onesie
€12,40 €31,00
narwhal grey - t-shirt
€10,40 €26,00
reef blue - onesie
€12,40 €31,00
koala vanilla - t-shirt
€10,40 €26,00
koala yellow - shorts
€10,80 €27,00
koala sea-green - bloomer
€8,40 €21,00
piggy light - legging
€10,40 €26,00
chameleon ecru - bloomer
€7,20 €18,00
blue palm - onesie
€11,61 €29,00
donkey yellow - bloomer
€7,20 €18,00
camel - t-shirt
€8,00 €20,00
camel sand - bloomer
€7,20 €18,00
grey butterfly - jumpsuit
€19,21 €48,00
navy leofly - body
€9,21 €23,00
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