nadadelazos/no ribbons/keine Schleifen/pas de noeuds

Nadadelazos was born in 2010 in the hands of the german designer, Kristina Laux and is based in Madrid. Since 2013, Kristina and Roberto Visús are the owners.

Their idea is dressing real children as authentic as possible. They make garments with very distinctive designs and with spacious and comfortable patterns, that facilitate moving freely, with colors and motives that help the children to live their worlds of fantasy, color and adventure.
Let kids get dirty, trampling puddles; splashing; investigating and, ultimately, be free in their imagination and fantasies. 

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BB rooster cool - t-shirt
€10,00 €25,00
mix fruit - pants
€16,00 €40,00
chai tea - body
€12,80 €32,00
love - pants
€14,00 €35,00
naag blue - jacket
€22,00 €55,00
gupri bird - body
€12,80 €32,00
blue clouds - jacket
€22,40 €56,00
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