Wildkind Kids was founded by a stylist-photographer sister duo Emilia and Johanna Laitanen in 2017. Sisterhood is the foundation of the tight-knit sibling team. Since they were little girls, Emilia and Johanna have always shared the love for animals and fashion. The idea for the brand came from a 90’s t-shirt Emilia had treasured from the years she worked as a buyer for a vintage shop. It had a group of adorable drawn animals and a text saying “all my friends are wild.” This thought reflects the spirit of Wildkind Kids — carefree and mischievous. Together, we want to make clothes as cherished and durable as this t-shirt.
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marius bandana - sweater
€26,00 €65,00
geoff bandana - pants
€26,00 €65,00
dreamers natural - t-shirt
€19,60 €49,00
olive painter - pants
€34,00 €85,00
jian ls - t-shirt
€20,80 €52,00
marius peachy - sweater
€26,00 €65,00
marius brown - sweater
€26,00 €65,00
geoff brown - pants
€26,00 €65,00
dreamers pink - t-shirt
€19,60 €49,00
dora indigo - skirt
€27,60 €69,00
jason indigo - shirt
€24,00 €60,00
rodney - pants
€31,60 €79,00
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